Tiger roams street in a town in Mexico

A video on social media showing a tiger taking a stroll on the streets in a town in Mexico.

The video which was on Twitter shows the tiger calmly roaming the streets in Mexico’s Nayarit state in the city of Tecuala. The animal is a Bengal tiger.

The Attorney General for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) said on Wednesday that it captured the tiger on the border with Sinaloa, which is home to the same-named cartel.

The action was taken by the department “after receiving reports about a Bengal tiger wandering the streets of Tecuala”, and they confirmed the animal was being kept illegally, the outlet added.

The video also shows a young woman shouting after coming face-to-face with the tiger.

Later in the footage, the tiger is seen waiting for someone and a man can be seen tying a rope around its neck and taking the animal away.

The man calmly takes the tiger and the tiger willingly follows him.

According to local media, the tiger’s claws had been removed.

The video has received more than 13,000 views on Twitter and 189 likes so far.

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