Toddler rocks out to howling, piano playing dog — making magical music together

A dog should be thanking the West Wing for helping create a lot of buzz — sort of.

Allison Janey, probably best known for her role as the White House Press Secretary on the hit show The West Wing, is delighting in a piano-playing beagle-basset hound mix whose music is so magical it’s accompanied by a rump-shaking toddler.

This week, Janey tweeted an almost minute-long video of the unique duo marching, in a way, to their own drum.

“This tho,” Janey tweeted. “Day has just been made. 😂”

She quickly pointed out that it’s not her video.

It belongs to a certain Buddy Mercury the Dog.

And, Buddy Mercury actually posted the video last April.

Buddy Mercury is a rescue beagle who hit it big time in the viral video world when he was caught on video playing piano (not very well) and howling (loudly).

Now, Buddy Mercury’s humans want to take his renewed fame to remind people to adopt and help other rescue animals.

“Allison, this is my video,” the dog — and his humans — tweeted. “I’m so happy you shared it! We have a mission to make the world happy and also get more animals adopted! We have a website with merchandise ( a pawcentage of the profits goes to help animal rescues!!! Love you!!! Aroo!! 🐕🎹🎙🎶”

There’s nothing like an original.

And it looks like the tot is expanding her musical vocabulary.

Rock on, little friends. Rock on.

Photo Buddy Mercury/Twitter

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