Mystery of the transporting cat

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How does a cat travel by itself 2,000 miles from the Canary Islands to a fishing village in Scotland?

They must have really good fish in that village, we think.

Rosy Long from the village of Muchalls found the cat in her garage earlier this week, according to an article from the Daily Record. 

We think she got shut in. She must have been desperate to get out of the cold.

Long took the frightened cat to the vet where they found her microchip. Turns out the cat was from Ferteventura in the Canary Islands, a distance of about 2,000 miles away.  With the discovery of her Spanish origins, Long and the vets decided to nickname her Juanita.

They’re now trying to trace her owner. One thought is that she may have been brought over to Scotland and the owner failed to change her chip. 


h/t: Daily Record 

Photo credit:  Newsline Scotland

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