Trigger happy police dog (accidentally) shoots gun

Police dogs are trained in all kinds of tactics.

Tracking bad guys. Taking them down. Finding missing people. Sniffing out drugs and bombs. Even searching for dead bodies.

But shooting a gun usually isn’t on their resume.

Except in Chestermere, Alberta where an armed robbery ended with a K9 cop firing a suspect’s gun.

“While tracking, the police dog located a handgun in a bushy treed area near a commercial building,” RCMP said in statement. “During the recovery by the police dog, the trigger was activated and a shot was fired from the handgun. The police dog was not injured during the discharge and there was no civilians in the immediate area.”

Even though Mounties always get their man, this suspect is still on the loose.

Oh, the pooch with the itchy trigger paw isn’t the one pictured above.

But it is the one in this pretty rad image of a police dog circa 1970s Vancouver.

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