Tweeting hen from Chicken Treat may be the best thing on the internet

Figure any monkey can type? Well, it turns out any chicken can, too. Or perhaps it’s just Betty, the tweeting chicken for Chicken Treat, a fast-food chain based in Australia.

It seems odd, but yes, the chicken is pecking away at the keys as part of an ad campaign. In sum, a bird that clucks is tweeting on behalf of a company that cooks up chickens as menu items.

But hey, this chicken boasts 37,000 followers and is, according to the company, “the first tweeting chicken training to tweet a five letter word in english.”


Behold, #chickentweet.

And, this is Betty in training.

And here are some of the fruits of Betty’s labour.


We’ll let you know if Betty can prove the infinite monkey theorem long before the primates do.

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