Twin giant panda cubs plumping up and perfect at Toronto Zoo

We can’t get enough of the twin giant panda cubs at the Toronto Zoo.

And now, at three weeks old, they are really starting to look like pandas. Black and white and furry all over. They’ve also tripled in weight since their birth on Oct. 13. And new mother, Er Shun, has settled into her new role beautifully.

The zoo offered this update yesterday.

“Er Shun continues to be a great mother and the cubs are progressing very well. However, it is still a very critical time for these little cubs.”

“Both cubs are developing more white fuzz over their bodies and are looking more and more like giant pandas as the black markings and fur is really starting to come in.”


“You can also now start to see on their tiny paws where they are developing the groove by their pseudo thumb pads which will enable them to hold bamboo when they get much older.”

The smaller of the two cubs is now at 20 centimetres (14 cm at birth) and 422 grams. The other, is 23 centimetres (17 centimetres at birth) and up to 672 grams.

While twin births are common in pandas, caring for both is no easy feat. So, the zoo continues to twin swap the cubs with the mother to ensure both get enough food and cuddle time with their mother.

“We will do a very slow introduction of both cubs to Er Shun when they are old enough,” the facility says. “Since we have been twin swapping, she is familiar with both cubs’ scent and we are optimistic that things will go well.”

You look through their baby books of photos here. Break out the ahhhhhs. And, just to appreciate how much they’ve grown, here’s what a one-week-old panda looks like.

And this, dear friends, is possibly the best bear hug on the planet. Er Shun and her cub, aged, 15 days.


Photos Toronto Zoo/Facebook

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