Meatless Monday: U.S. Senator Lesniak shames Christie, Trump over trophy hunting

U.S. Senator Raymond J. Lesniak is once again proving to be a political animal.

The New Jersey Democrat is calling on his state governor, Chris Christie, to give Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump a backhanded slap down over trophy hunting.

“Governor Christie has until April 28 to choose between these two photos,” Lesniak wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.

The photos juxtapose wild-roaming big cats against Trump’s sons who are shown mugging for the camera with dead leopard killed on during a big game hunt in Africa.

New Jersey’s assembly passed Lesniak’s legislation last week that bans importation, transportation or possession of trophy species in the state, but it still requires the governor’s signature within 45 days to become law.


“New Jersey is a major hub for the importation of 129,000/yr. ‘trophies’  of endangered species into the United States,” Lesniak notes.

“Will Christie find his humanity or won’t he?”

He fears, he won’t.

And so, Lesniak has now posted one of the infamous photos of Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., which first surfaced last year. Trump was quick to defend his sons as hunters and as a supporter of the NRA and big-game hunting.


Once Christie pulled out of the Republican primaries, he threw his considerable support behind Trump, who is now the clear frontrunner.

“Governor Christie has until April 28 to choose between these two photos,” Lesniak wrote. “Now that he’s campaigning for Trump, we know the answer and must begin lobbying Republican Senators to override his expected veto. We’re just in the planning stage of our lobbying effort, but will need all hands on deck. I’ll keep in touch.”

Lesniak has been a longtime supporter of animal rights. He has lobbied for everything from more humane conditions for farm animals to banning shark finning and tougher penalties for animal cruelty.

He has repeatedly been given the Humane Society’s Legislator of the Year Award, including again this month.

Photos Raymond J. Lesniak/Facebook


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