Unbearably Good Surveillance Video: Bear walks into a California police station

Did you hear the one about the bear walking into a police station?

Seriously, a bear opened a door waltzed into a police station in Truckee, California.

California Highway Patrol – Donner Pass posted an amazing video of the rather hairy intruder breaking and entering.

The bear stood on its hind legs and turned the door handle before briefly checking out the vending machines. While it was casing the joint, another bear remained on the lookout beyond the glass outside.

“We had an unexpected visitor last night at the facility,” police wrote rather dryly.

It was all rather casual.

The bear stay for a few seconds and then wanders out.

Thank you. Goodbye. CHP – Donner Pass/Facebook

Two police officers follow it with their guns drawn.

But nobody — and no bear — was injured in the unusual incident.

These cops have cracked the case, or at least the door, wide open. CHP – Donner Pass/Facebook

But, police may want to keep this door locked.

Congratulations, this bear for making Monday great.

This bear burglar may want to consider going pro. CHP – Donner Pass/Facebook

Photos CHP – Donner Pass/Facebook

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