Urban Wile E. Coyote on the prowl in Winnipeg wilderness — sort of

Somebody in Winnipeg has some high-quality Acme Corporation humour.

Robin Summerfield was out for a walk recently in the Assinboine Forest when she spotted a Looney Tunes level warning sign about coyotes wandering in the green space.

The poster tacked up in the park told people to be on the lookout for some specific, unusual behaviours that really should be cause for alarm.

“Coyotes carrying any product labeled ‘ACME'” or “Coyotes dropping anvils from great heights.”

It also made note of errant “detour” signs and ones for “free bird seed.”

Be cognizant of giant magnets, catapults and TNT.

“Somebody has a sense of humour,” Summerfield thought.

The forest is reputed to have one of the largest urban deer populations in the world, Summerfield added. It is home to a herd of white-tailed deer tucked between Chalfont Avenue and Shaftsbury Boulevard.

“I have never seen a coyote in there, but I have seen deer,” she said. “People do see coyotes. Just not me.”

But the coyote comedy might be preferred anyway.

Winnipeg police did warn park-goers of coyotes of some aggressive coyotes last fall in the forest .

The Winnipeg Humane Society has been aware of coyote sightings and the animal provides an ecological benefit.

“It is essential that we, as humans, learn to safely co-exist with urban wildlife such as coyotes,” the humane society says.

Keep dogs on leashes, properly dispose of garbage and make noise to scare a coyote away if you happen to run into one.

Urban coyote in Calgary.

Meanwhile, maybe just keep an eye out for Acme holes.

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