Vancouver Catfe opened to adopt out cats closes because of catlessness

Vancouver’s cat cafe, which was opened up late last year to adopt out cats, has closed temporarily because the adoptions were so successful, the cafe ran out of cats.

Catfe opened with the goal of being a cat lover’s dream: a cafe serving cat-themed treats and a shop filled with crafty meowchandise — all in the company of feline friends. 62bb21c4-b7d2-42dc-bfa7-69b0c9faf245

The aim was to have between 8 and 12 cats at the cafe. But earlier this week, Catfe announced it was closing temporarily.

[A]s a result of steady adoptions paired with holiday hours and bad road conditions for our Northern cat transfers, our partners at the BC SPCA have been low on cats to send to us.

Living at Catfe provides cats with a safe space where they can wander about at will, socialize with people and live normal lives, rather than being cooped up in a cage.

The Catfe says it hopes to reopen Friday and urged people that if they wanted to adopt a cat there are lots available.

*PLEASE NOTE there is NOT a shortage of adoptable cats in the Lower Mainland, and the BC SPCA only sends us their most social cats – if you are looking to adopt a cat, please check out their gallery of adoptable cats, and check out other local cat rescues, such as Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, Richmond Animal Protection Society, Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS), Katie’s Place Animal Shelter, Tinykittens and CARES Cat Shelter.

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