Vegan kitten nearly dies, but is revived after eating meat

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Remember Howard Jones? He’s the singer who had some hit songs in the ’80s (and perhaps surprisingly, is still touring), but he also made headlines for having a vegetarian dog, which was apparently in  tip-top shape on a meat-free diet.

But this kitten in Australia was not nearly as lucky.  According to the Moonee Valley Leader, a vegan couple brought their critically ill kitten that was fed nothing but a diet of pasta, potatoes and rice milk to a local veterinarian. Heat, fluids and doses of meat revived te critter. The veterinarian also issued a warning about pet owners “forcing ideologies” on their animals. Also some advice: Cats are carnivores. They need to eat meat.

h/t Herald Sun Photo petMD

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One Comment on "Vegan kitten nearly dies, but is revived after eating meat"

  1. Cat Lady March 7, 2019 at 3:14 pm · Reply

    Dogs, like humans, are omnivores. They do fine on a balanced veggie diet. But cats are obligate carnivores. They need animal protein to survive or they get very sick. In the UK, the owners of a cat fed a vegan diet were prosecuted for cruelty.

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