Venus Williams battles bee at US Open

Tennis matches are often disrupted by uncooperative weather.

But the US Open match earlier this week between Kimiko Date-Krumm and Venus Williams may have been the first time a match was disrupted by a member of the critter kingdom.

The bee first went after Date-Krumm, the 43-year-old pro who valiantly tried to ignore the buzz around her. ‘

She did a tango, then a waltz then a bit of salsa to avoid the bee.

Three ball people eventually tried to swarm around the bee to move it away as the crowd cheered Date-Krumm’s unwillingness to take her racket to the bee.

Then the bee went after Williams, who eventually won the match in three sets.

Williams tried to follow Date-Krumm’s example of non-violence protest against the bee.

 “You think the first reaction is she’s going to swat it, she has a lot of heart both on the court and off the ourt. She didn’t feel she could swat it so I felt I couldn’t swat it either”

But eventually the bee met its match.

Williams used her racket to bat the bee into a ball boy’s towel where it did not have a happy ending.


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