Very “bold” great blue heron has made itself at home at The Toronto Zoo

Most creatures would avoid a wolf’s den, but one particularly brave great blue heron has made itself at home in one. 

The Toronto Zoo is reporting the very wild, and very big, bird has become a “new unofficial resident in the Tundra Trek” exhibit. 

“A great blue heron has been hanging for the past month now,” the zoo said on social media Sunday.

It posted a series of photos of the bird roaming about the grounds.

A wild great blue heron is making the rounds at the Toronto Zoo. Photo: Toronto Zoo/Facebook

“(It) has recently been getting so bold as to start eating the wolves food,” the facility added. “For those concerned for his safety, don’t worry, the wolves were afraid of him.”

Alpha male great blue heron, it seems. Photo: Toronto Zoo/Facebook

Zoo-goers were quick to point out where else around the zoo the blue heron has been making itself at home. 

He’s been often spotted hanging around the polar bear enclosure. But lately, it’s been the wolf den where it’s ruling the roost.

“That’s his enclosure now!” wrote Mo Davison.

A wild great blue heron has become a star attraction at the Toronto Zoo. Photo: Toronto Zoo/Facebook

One zoo volunteer said it common for wild animals to tuck in at zoos. 

No kidding.

“He’s pretty smart,” wrote Catherine Kimmerly-Connolly, “decided to hang out and winter in an area where there if food that magically appears.”

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