Vets gather in Cozumel for successful spay and neuter blitz

Volunteers spayed and neutered 810 dogs and cats in one Mexican community as part of an outreach effort earlier this month by local and international animal welfare groups. According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the Humane Society of Cozumel, a municipal gym was where more than a dozen surgical tables were set up and more than 20 veterinarians that trekked from across the country to help with the four-day outreach effort. Local businesses donated food, accommodation and transit to help defray costs.

“The local government participated and the municipal president reminded his people how this was progress for the island and how the community, through the Humane Society’s work, was able to be part of the solution to stop the birth of unwanted dogs and cats on the island,” the IFAW noted.

cozumelspayneuterprogramWhile their animals were in recovery, pet owners learned about animal care and guardianship. Their pets were also treated for overgrown nails, fleas and ticks and given medication where needed. It’s an amazing achievement for a local shelter that opened in 1996 with just two rooms, no electricity, 24 kennels, one vet and one kennel worker.

“Every animal went home with their happy and grateful owners, who got a flyer on adequate guardianship as well as detailed instructions of how to take care of their pets back home,” the IFAW added.

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