Wag the dog: U.S. presidential campaign is going to the dogs

Dogs transcend political lines and except for the most recent one in the White House, American presidents have long been dog lovers.

Now a group which bills itself as “Dog Lovers for Joe” has a new ad that looks back at past presidents side by side with their dogs. There’s Ronald Reagan with Lucky, his Bouvier des Flandres. Then George H.W. Bush with Millie, his English Springer Spaniel. Bill Clinton had Buddy, his chocolate lab. George W. Bush was buddy with his Scottish Terrier Barney.

And Barack Obama had Bo, his Portuguese Water Dog.

Then it gets to the present occupant in the White House. He addresses the crowd and shakes his head. “How would I look walking a dog across the White House lawn?” he mocks. He’s also said he’s too busy to have a dog.

As Critterfiles has noted before, that guy who is currently walking around UNMASKED in the White House is the first president without a dog in the White House in more than a century.

A new ad by “Dog Lovers for Joe” advises voters to: Choose Your Humans Wisely.

The final scene has a black and white photo of Joe Biden with his German Shepherd Champ.

Red State or Blue State, we can all agree on the power of dogs. It’s time we had a dog-lover back in the White House.

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