“Walking Dead” star adopts lovestruck donkey and emu

One of television’s most reviled villains has a soft spot for animals in need.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the studded baseball bat wielding “Negan” on The Walking Dead, has adopted a donkey and an emu from a North Carolina animal rescue group.

The unlikely couple, named Jack and Diane, was saved from a run-down farm last month. But the two animals cannot bear to be apart; cuddling together to sleep and crying when they lose contact.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has spent the past month searching for the perfect home for them fielding thousands of applications.

Jack, the donkey, and Diane, the emu, are in love. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

On Tuesday, the group said they’ve found just the spot.

Morgan’s farm in New York state, which he shares with his wife, Hilarie Burton, is a haven for animals of all kinds.

And, that’s exactly where the bonded pair arrived Tuesday.

“They spent the day exploring new digs,” Morgan tweeted. “… and I just tucked them in to bed with some berries for Diane, apple for Jack. Family is in love with its newest members. Thanks to the world needs more of you.”


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Loading up the trailer with our super star donkey emu team. We loaded Jack first and Diane stayed near him looking concerned. Once he was out of sight she frantically drummed for him. She willingly loaded up and has settled down next to Jack. ♥️ We decided to leave in the wee hours so we can get them to their new home before lunch and have some good daylight time for them to get settled. Emus also travel better at night when it’s dark. We will be on the road for the next couple of hours while Jack and Diane sleep. They will wake up and be at their new home with @jeffreydeanmorgan and @hilarieburton We are excited and hope that everyone can keep up with Jack and Diane at their new home. Jeffrey frequently posts pictures of his farm and animals on social media. We are super excited about them getting a perfect home!! . . . . . . #jackanddiane #adoptdontshop

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Morgan was all hands on during their arrival.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan helps unload Diane the emu from the trailer. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

And overseeing the pair as they settle in.

Diane the emu is getting used to her new digs under the watchful eye of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

So far, so good.

Morgan clearly couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s true.

She did, all the way from North Carolina to Dutchess County, NY.

Love really is love.

And people really do have huge hearts.

Photos Carolina Waterfowl Rescue/Facebook

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