Watch as a runaway horse in France takes a detour through a cafe

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Have you heard this one? A horse walked into a bar…

Actually, it was a gallop.

The joke became a reality in the town of Chantilly, north of Paris, when a horse escaped its racing stable and found itself in need of a drink.

The horse raced through the cafe as customers scampered out of the way.

Cameras captured patrons getting out of the path of the horse as it ran through the bar. The horse then made a U-turn and came back the same way. The horse toppled tables and chairs on the way as the seven customers inside the cafe looked stunned.

Jockey Jean-Marie Beguigne, quoted in the Ouest-France tale of events, said he lost hold of the horse, who had what he called a “runaway penchant”.

The animal tore off down the road and across a roundabout before stepping into the bar.

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