Watch what happens when a piglet falls into a well

Animal Aid Unlimited India once again shows us how all creatures, no matter how big, no matter how small, are worth helping.

Even a wayward piglet has a hero.

“A piglet had fallen into a well and was trapped unable to get out or even take a moments break from swimming,” the group wrote on YouTube, where it posted the rescue video last week. “Just as we arrived and were getting our rescuer into his halter the piglet was starting to drown.”

Here is the wee swine in the cold, debris-filled water.


The rescue effort begins.


Grabbing the piglet was no easy task.


But the rescuer didn’t give up.


The piglet was whisked to safety.


Where it was cleaned up, fed and appeared to be one happy swine.


Watch the rescue here and renew your faith in humanity. Or, as Animal Aid wrote on Facebook:

“The minute we got the call that a piglet had fallen into a well we rushed and arrived within 15 minutes. But right as we were getting our rescuer into his halter, the little boy was starting to drown. He had been swimming in the cold water for we guess at least an hour and was giving up right before our eyes. Watch his incredible rescue, and a precious life saved truly in the nick of time. Please share to help support our rescues.”

Photos Animal Aid Unlimited India/YouTube

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