Jaylon Rippy, five-year-old girl, killed after sturgeon leaped into the family boat

Just a few days ago, we heard about the woman injured after her ankles were broken when a dolphin leaped into the family boat.

Now news of an even more tragic and fatal accident.

In Florida, a little girl Jaylon Rippy who was boating with her family, was killed after a jumping sturgeon landed in their boat.

The sturgeon also badly injured the girl’s mother Tanya and her nine-year-old brother.

The family was boating on the Suwannee River in northwest Florida near Fanning Springs, according to the state Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The family members, who were from nearby Trenton, were airlifted to a hospital in Gainesville but the girl did not survive.

The conditions of the girl’s mother Tanya and brother Trevor are very serious.

The Rippy family has now set up a website to help with donations after learning how serious the injuries were.

Tanya Rippy, Jaylon’s mother, does not have  any medical insurance that will cover her costs. She will need possible facial reconstructive surgery.

She has a broken eye socket and has teeth that were broken out. Trevor has the broken arm and also has some loose teeth.

It’s the second such serious accident caused by sturgeons.

On Friday, two adults traveling in a boat on the Santa Fe River between the Suwannee River and a Branford area campground were also struck by a leaping sturgeon, Fish and Wildlife Commission officials said in a statement.

It is unusual for sturgeons to strike boaters in Florida on consecutive days, said Fish and Wildlife Commission spokeswoman Karen Parker.

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