Wednesday Zen Moment: Animal shelter worker cuddles dog waking up from surgery

It was a quiet moment between a shelter worker and a shelter dog. But after that moment was caught on video and shared around the world, it has since raised huge awareness of the care and love people in shelters have for the critters in their care.

Prissy, a 4-year-old mix, had just come to the shelter with three puppies and another mother dog.

They had had puppies in a kennel with an old concrete slab behind a junkyard in Tennessee.”

They were rescued by Paws New England and brought to New Hampshire.

After spay surgery, Prissy was groggy and whining, perhaps for her puppies. It was then that Chrissy, a worker at the shelter, went into her crate to lie on the floor with her.

Executive director, Virginia Moore, says moments like these happen every day at the shelter, but this one was caught on video and posted on Facebook.

As she points out on the Conway Area Humane Society Facebook page.

 Moments like this are a regular sight at the shelter, however, catching them on camera is rare. The staff usually run when a camera comes out! Sorry, Chrissy, I had to show it.

It’s since been picked up by national news organizations, and while our crews were there, Moore took a call from a news station in London.

There’s so much ugly in the world right now that people saw something lovely and genuine and authentic and it just resonated with people.”

Moore says the main point of the video was to show that they’re a new beginning for animals, not the end, and that New England shelters are the best option for animals in transition.

The shelter has already taken calls about adopting Prissy. Her three puppies will be available once they’ve fully recovered.


h/t: Conway Area Humane Society Facebook

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