Wednesday Zen Moment: Bear goes slip, sliding away on summer snow in Glacier National Park

Sure it’s the middle of summer, but don’t tell this grizzly bear that.

Glacier National Park in northwest Montana recently posted a video of a bear crossing, or rather sliding across, a lingering July snowfield.

The park also used it as caution for hikers trekking across summer snow.

“This bear found out how hard it is to stop and regain balance once you start slipping on snow,” the park posted on Facebook. “Crossing snow and ice can lead to serious injuries and even death. Consider turning around instead of crossing a snow field, especially if you don’t have the proper gear.”

Visitor Jacob Hartman shared the video with officials. That video has now been viewed on Facebook almost 1 million times.

“We can BEARly believe that you were able to get this footage,” the park added.

Oh, and, this bear got across the snow field without injury.

Photo Jacob Hartman/Glacier National Park/Facebook

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