Can you spot the predator hiding in the sand?

Wildlife photographer Wim van den Heever has an amazing eye. He can see things that most of us miss at first, second even a third glance.

If you want to be astounded at how powerful images of the critter world can be, check out his website  wim van den heever

van den Heever was leading a photographic tour when he was able to capture the story underneath the sand.

In the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa, this well-camouflaged snake was preparing to ambush his prey.

The Peringuey adder is only 8-10 inches long but has a deadly venom which it uses on geckos and lizards.


“Part of what we do is look for these desert animals. You don’t always find them, once they’ve settled into the sand,it’s difficult to spot them.”


The snake hides under the sand and when prey happens by, the snake seizes the hapless critter and shoots it with venom.

van den Heever won the  annual Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition in 2015.

This prestigious competition is the equivalent of the Oscars for the Wildlife Photography industry and held the red carpet event at the British Natural History Museum where each year the winning images for that year is unveiled to the world media and public alike.

van den Heever’s son Juan also was an award-winner and won for best youth image.

Photos: Wim van den Heever/Facebook


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