Wednesday Zen Moment: Cat climbs atop expert during TV interview

Dr. Jerzy Targalski has got to be the coolest cat around.

The Polish academic was making an appearance on the Dutch current affairs program Nieuwsuur to discuss the very serious issue of his country’s supreme court justices being forced out.

That’s when Lisio, his ginger cat, clawed and climbed up his back and perched upon his shoulders. The historian stayed on topic even as Lisio nuzzled his ear and curled his tail around his face. 

The interview was pre-taped so the remarkable moment didn’t make the cut to air, but reporter Rudy Bouma, did post the clip on Twitter where cat-lovers are gobbling it up.

An unruffled political scientist even with a cat on his head.

And it’s not the first time, the professor’s cat has made a guest appearance.

Targalski said later that the Lisio’s acrobatics is pretty standard, according to an interview with the news outlet.

“It’s his way of saying, ‘Good morning,’ or ‘I love you,’ I think,” he explained.

Targalski is a committed cat-man. He has five.

And by most estimates is a helluva guy.

Photo Rudy Bouma/Twitter

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