Wednesday Zen Moment: Drone captures harmony of Blue whale mother and calf

‪The crew of the MV Steve Irwin was in search of illegal fishing boats and other criminals of the high seas when it encountered something truly magical: a Blue while mother and her calf.

The Sea Shepherd ship filmed the rare glimpse into the life of the world’s largest creature from a bird’s eye view with a drone.



“Filming this endangered blue whale and her calf with a drone was unbelievable. Spotting a blue whale from the deck of the Steve Irwin is a thrill, but being able to film the biggest animals on the planet from the air is truly awe-inspiring,” Gavin Garrison, drone pilot and crew member, said on Facebook.



The ship was in the midst of Operation Icefish 2015-16 when it came upon the pair in Antarctic waters late last month. The video was only posted online Tuesday. 

Blue whales can grow up to 30 meters in length. True beauty in the deep.

Photos Sea Shepherd/YouTube

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