Wednesday Zen Moment: Got a spare heater or old hay?

The Austin Zoo, which began as a refuge for goats, and has since expanded to 300 animals, is in need of additional items to keep critters warm this winter.

The zoo’s  collection includes animals from other facilities that are being retired due to age, health or other issues; animals that were seized in animal cruelty cases; retired laboratory research animals; and individuals’ exotic pets they needed to rehome due to changes in the owner’s lifestyle or the inability to provide appropriate care for these pets.

Not all the animals are used to winter conditions.

Principal Zookeeper Donald Gytri says the zoo is in need of additional items such as small electric heaters, heat lamp bulbs, linens, blankets, or pillow cases.

Heaters and heat lamps are especially important for animals like the Galapagos Tortoise. Gytri told KVUE News says the cold weather can cause problems for them.

Being cold-blooded animals they can’t rely on their own metabolism like we can to keep them warm, they have to find ways to get warm.”

Old hay for bedding and food items like meats and vegetables is also needed. Recently, zoo officials have put up wind blocks on bird cages as well. More than 300 animals and over 115 species call the zoo home.

Photo credit: Austin Zoo

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