Wednesday Zen Moment: Marnie the Dog vs Donald Trump

Imagine for a moment, this bitch in the White House.

Sure, it may not be the “nasty woman” millions of Americans voted for, but it may well be an improvement over the old dog and self-described “pussy grabber” the United States got.

Marnie the Dog doesn’t quite have the following of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but the Shih Tzu is a bit of a celebrity in her own right. She has 2 million followers on Instagram, 440,000 fans on Facebook, 117,000 followers on Twitter. Her owner, Shirley Braha, describes her like this:

“At nearly 10 years old, Marnie was found by Animal Control, smelly and matted on the streets of Connecticut in August 2012. She went unclaimed and was moved to a shelter where they named her Stinky. After 4 months at the shelter she was adopted via a post. They said she was blind in her left eye, which looked gray & cloudy, and she would never see from that eye again. She also really did smell bad.”

She also has famous friends, like James Franco, Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato and Neil Patrick Harris. Because who doesn’t love her long, sticky-outty tongue and head tilt, likely caused by vestibular syndrome before she was adopted by Braha.

Marnie the Dog has become an advocate for adoption of senior pets. A good cause, indeed. And most recently some comic relief for what might have been in Washington, D.C.


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