Wednesday Zen Moment: Photographer Ross Taylor captures last moments between pets and their owners

A heartbreaking photo series by renowned photographer Ross Taylor has documented the final moments of life for beloved dogs and cats.

In the featured photo, dog owner Carrie Peterson remembered the moments she dropped sunflowers over the grave of her dog Asia.

It’s tough saying goodbye.”

Taylor said of taking the photo:

The smell of freshly turned earth is what I remember, and how peaceful Asia looked within it.”

Taylor, who has been a photographer all over the world including Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Iraq, did a photo essay set in the U.S. of dogs and their owners. Here’s how he described it:

“Last Moments,” is a photo essay that explores the intimacy of the human-animal bond – specifically, the last moments before, and after, the passing of a pet at home with their owner. It is a somber, and intense, testimony to the bond and the pain that comes when it is broken.

This series looks at the intense connection shared between people and their pets. The decision to have at-home pet euthanasia is part of an emerging trend (to have end of life care in the home, instead of in a clinic). Nationally, scores of pet owners go through this painful experience each year. It’s important to note the immense care and compassion that the veterinarian community demonstrates towards the families going through this.

It’s also important for people going through this to know they’re not alone in their grief, and importantly, that their grief is not to be taken lightly. #love #pets#lastmoments

Taylor worked with Dr. Dani McVety and vets and staff at Lap of Love , a clinic that helps owners and their pets in hospice care.

There are not enough words which can convey how much this project has impacted me. Life can be profoundly difficult, and for many, our pets are a respite from the challenges of life. I can not possibly thank Dr. Dani McVety, the veterinarians and staff at Lap of Love and the folks over at Caring Pathways enough for trusting me.

Taylor posted the photos on his Instagram account and is working to complete a feature-length film on the topic this year, thanks largely with help from @lukerafferty.

Please go to Ross Taylor’s Instagram account to see the photos. Bring tissues.



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