Wednesday Zen Moment: Pig helping pig is something to squeal about

Can you help a brother — pig?

Check out this video of a pig rooting through some hat to bring to his brother who can’t really get around.

The amazing animal interaction happened at Gentle Barn, which was founded in California in 1999, but has three locations, including this one in Tennessee.

That’s where Henry brings hay to his brother, Horton, who can’t really get around.

Wherein Horton gets lunch thanks to his brother, Henry. Gentle Barn/Instagram

“Incredible,” writes John Oberg.

He’s right.

The video is actually from December, 2017, but it’s getting new life on social media.

It’s also a reminder people can always learn something new from it.

The Gentle Barn brings in rescue animals and gives them a chance to interact with vulnerable people, like children, who learn compassion.

Photo Gentle Barn/Instagram

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