Wednesday Zen Moment: Pony rides on the BART

No, the Bay Area Rapid Transit isn’t offering pony rides on its commuter line, but that would be pretty awesome.

The pony, a white and brown “mini” was spotted riding the East Bay Antioch line Tuesday.

While the pony was oblivious to the attention it was getting, the animal made many commuters happy. It wasn’t take your pony to work day.

“Made my day,” wrote one rider on Twitter.

According to another post, the mini was a service animal, “so no one got in trouble.”

“They came in at Rockridge and showed the paperwork that stated the horse is a service animal,” confirmed BART spokesperson Alicia Trost, adding “a large animal in the BART system comes with certain challenges…”

BART has a policy that allows service animals on the train.
So, you see? Equine therapy is real.

Thank you ‘BART Pony,’ we all much feel better, now.

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