Wednesday Zen Moment: The view from inside a water bowl left for cats and dogs

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It’s mesmerizing to see how differently dogs and cats drink water.

An experiment posted on Reddit show dogs slurp while cats sip. A bird also appears.

Commentator The NerdyMupton noticed:

Cats: sip…. sip sip…. sip.


and BlackMoons made a comment about how one cat reacted after getting to the waterbowl after a dog had been there.

Cat: one sip … Ewww it tastes like dog. runs off

2SP00KY4ME got scientific.

Fun fact – dogs drink water in a way you might have never noticed. They actually curl their tongue backwards, scooping it up folded back and bringing it in on the underside of the mouth.

We like this idea best, from commentator skybiscuit7

This was so soothing to watch. Can this be a TV channel?!

More zen than the Christmas logs, in our opinion.

Putting a cup of water on the sidewalk from r/aww

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