When a crocodile stalked a dog, this dog owner struck back

This dog owner wasn’t taking any lip from a crocodile.

The Youtube video posted below show the woman picking up a stick and hurling it at the four-metre long monster crocodile which had been stalking the little dog.

The dog, name Meatball, is a tiny pooch who would have had no chance against the crocodile.

The woman came face to face with the reptileĀ at Cahills Crossing, in the Northern Territory in the Australian Outback.

Lurking in murky water near a riverbank, the woman and her pet were only metres away from becoming the saltwater croc’s next meal, the NT News reports.

But that seemingly didn’t deter the foolhardy woman, who instead of fleeing from the maneater’s sight chose to pick up a makeshift weapon and go on the attack.

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