Wolves vs Polar Bears. Who would win?

Would love to have seen the expression on the polar bears and the zoo keepers at Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg.

Last week, zoo staff discovered a pack of wolves inside the enclosure where the polar bears live.

Their first thought may have been: WTF?

But they soon figured out what had happened.

The pack of five wolves managed to dig a tunnel straight into the polar bear enclosure.

It could have been ugly. Both species are carnivores so it’s unclear which critter would emerge the victor in a death match.

Fortunately, female polar bears are very similar to teenagers. They were asleep and didn’t bother to wake up to see the wolves wandering around in their enclosures.

The zoo staff separated the wolves from the bears and all went back to their respective enclosures.


Zoo officials are not exactly sure if the wolves intended to get into the polar bear enclosure or if freedom to the outside were the original plans.

They’ve also given assurances the wolves aren’t actually capable of tunnelling to the places where humans are.

Here’s a Youtube video of one of the park’s polar bears.

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