Woodchuck hitches ride on back of dog in Massachusetts lake

Wally the golden retriever is truly a water dog, but this is the first — and probably last — time he’ll play water taxi for a hitchhiking woodchuck in a Massachusetts lake.

Wally’s owner, Lauren Russell, snapped some incredible images last month of the bold rodent hopping on Wally’s back in Lunenburg’s Hickery Hills Lake. The photos and video are now going viral.

“We were flabbergasted. It was unbelievable,” Russell recently told WCBV-TV. “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

The 2-year-old dog didn’t seem to mind the furry passenger.

Swim along little doggie. Photo: Lauren Russell/WCBV-TV

In fact, when they got near shore and the woodchuck hopped off, the pair seemed to rub noses to say goodbye.

“They like touched snouts and then he ran away,” Russell said.

Wally and his woodchuck buddy. Photo: Lauren Russell/WCBV-TV

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