On World Food Day – and everyday – these famous folks go meat-free

We have a compiled a list of celebrity vegans and vegetarians. It’s hardly exhaustive, but it gives you a taste of the far-flung members of the meatless lifestyle. Today is World Food Day meant to make you think about what you eat and what you waste.

Actress Pamela Anderson.


Actress Anne Hathaway.


Singer Bif Naked.


Actress Daryl Hannah.


Rapper Flo Rida.


Singer Gavin Rossdale.


Director James Cameron.


Of course, these are just a few celebrities who shun meat or animal products. Happycow.net has compiled a massive list here. Access Hollywood has also put together a compilation here. And, of course PETA is quick to name those it believes are like-minded. Check out its list here.

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