World Wildlife Day celebrates all creatures big and small, but asks for help to protect their future

On World Wildlife Day, we should be celebrating the planet’s critters.

Instead, many are using this day to sound the alarm about poaching, habitat destruction and climate change.

Concerns about the state of the planet’s wildlife are being raised by everyone from high-profile individuals and groups to governments asking us all to help do our part to turn things around for a planet in crisis.

From the Pope.

To royalty.

As well as governments around the globe.

There is a call for things to change.

The United Nations marks World Wildlife Day every March 3.

It comes on the day of the 1973 signing of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The ask today — and everyday — from animal welfare groups is for everyone to be better.

Young or old, everyone can do their part.

On land or under water, the planet’s wildlife is worth protecting.

Main photo British Army/Twitter

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