World’s toughest chihuahua survives 5 days in Canadian backcountry

Meet Bitzy who unwittingly won Survivor: Banff National Park-style.

We may never know exactly how the chihuahua, which also happens to be a children’s entertainer known as Bitzy Love, survived for five days in the Rocky Mountain wilderness of Western Canada. But somehow, the wee pup managed to outwit, outplay and outlast some of the region’s most deadly predators: Bears, cougars and wolves.

In recent days, officials in the Alberta park have killed a wolf that was becoming too brazen around people and was seeking out human food, and closed another campground due to a “bold” bear, which damaged a tent.

That’s also what makes Parks Canada’s unusual call to duty to help find a lost dog even more remarkable. According to its Facebook post today, Bitzy had been travelling with her owners through Banff when she made an unexpected dash for freedom.

“This little chihuahua jumped out of a car at a rest stop near the British Columbia border and survived five days alone on the Bath Creek flats until finally spotted. It took six people to catch Bitsy and the first food she ate was a tiny piece of fortune cookie with a very appropriate message. A staff member will take the little one home until she can be reunited with family.”

The fortune cookie read: “The bad is finally over. All the good stuff is waiting for you.”

But sorry, Bitzy. No $1-million prize for you. Expect a lifetime of cuddles – and a very short leash.

Bitsy was lost for five days in Banff National Park/Facebook
Parks Canada staffer Jamie Kroerger holds Bitzy, who was lost for five days in Banff National Park/Facebook

Photos Banff National Park/Facebook

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