10 minute long battle between mom and crocodile as daughter snatched

It’s a common scene along India’s shorelines and river banks. People bathing and washing their clothes.

But for a mother and daughter doing exactly that recently, the every day activity turned into something more sinister.

In the Vishwamitri River, Diwalinen Vankar, 58, and her 19-year-old daughter Kanta were washing clothes when a crocodile suddenly attacked.

Kanta’s right leg was snatched up in the crocodile’s jaw and she was being dragged into the river. But Diwalinen managed to grab her daughter’s hand to try and keep her from being pulled away.

Vanker said in an interview published in the Daily Mail that she had to use all her strength.

The crocodile is a fierce adversity. It uses its powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth to grab hold of its victims and then drown its prey by rolling over and over again into the water to kill them.

“I was using all my force to pull her back, but the crocodile was so powerful I could not move her an inch.

Vanker used her wooden washing paddle to club the crocodile repeatedly in an attempt to free her daughter.

The daughter was taken to hospital, treated for leg injuries and fortunately has now been released.

According to conservation officers there are 200 crocodiles in the Vishwamitri River and residents have been warned not to wash in that river.

But Vanker said due to a water shortage in her region and lack of electricity, she had no choice.

But after her daughter’s attack, she vowed never to return.

h/t: Daily Mail

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