29 cats killed after two dogs ate their way through fencing at animal shelter

Officials in Dothan, Alabama are blaming an outdated shelter for unsafe conditions that led to two dogs attacking and killing 29 cats.

The dogs, pit bulls, chewed their way out of a pen.

Then, they pushed hard enough on galvanized bars to knock (the bars) out of their clamps,” said Bill Banks, the shelter’s director.

Staff at Dothan Animal Shelter were horrified to see the fatal maulings when they arrived in to work Thursday.

Shelter workers believe the dogs were able to force their way through chain-link type fencing to get inside and maul the cats.

These dogs were able to eat their way out, for lack of a better term, and attack these cats. That is horrible,” according to city commissioner Beth Kenward.

She blames the incident on an outdated shelter and believes the city should have done something about the facility long ago.


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