3-legged Rottweiler with bone cancer gets space to run after plea from owner

The response to a plea for help from the Vancouver owner of a sick rottweiler has been overwhelming.

Danielle Meraz-Alvarez moved to Vancouver a year ago. Back in Ontario, her three-legged Rottweiler Skore had the space to roam on the family farm.

Here’s what she posted on Vancouver Reddit under the header: Favour – Do you have access to a farm/land? My dog is dying, I want to bring her some peace.

I have a 3-legged rottweiler with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) that is nearing the end of her life. She has held on for years – it’s been 2 since they caught it, almost! – and this is after a grim diagnosis, followed by an emergency amputation, followed by a full chemotherapy treatment.. followed by more grim diagnosees. She is fighting hard as ever, but I can see that she is close to the end. She is my best friend, my daughter, everything to me.

I moved to Vancouver from Ontario last summer. I used to have access to a family farm that I would bring her to every day, that was our thing. Running around, barefoot in the grass… laying under the shade of huge trees. Just being in peace.

In Vancouver, I have no friends, I don’t know anyone with a backyard, or with land. I would really like to be able to bring her (off leash) to an open field, a quiet orchard.. anything.. for a few last times. To bring us both some peace.

I am currently 8 months pregnant so her over-protective instinct is on over-drive and this is why I can’t just go to a dog park, or a park… if people are close-by her anxiety kicks up and she doesn’t enjoy herself (heh, if I’m honest, my anxiety does a similar thing).

If you or have someone you know has a farm/large piece of land that they wouldn’t mind us visiting a few times over the next couple of weeks, for a few hours… I would be deeply appreciative.

wpuJpv0Within hours, Meraz-Alvarez had a response.

“I have a big yard and lots of farm land near me. Pm if you want. If you do see this OP, know that my offer is actual. Your dog looks so lovely, and I do have a nice big yard. As a woman I can always bond with another woman, I don’t have a dog of my own to provide for a play date, but I have two guinea pigs

Other responses poured in quickly with suggestions of large tracts of land near Vancouver where Skore could run free.

And some praised Meraz-Alvarez for posting about the bond she had with her dog.

“This is a beautiful post. I could feel the bond between you and your friend by just reading your post. I’m a pretty stone cold guy and this made me teary eyed, maybe it reminded me of the bond I had with my dog.

Here’s how Meraz-Alvarez responded:

 Thank you so much everyone for all of your suggestions, your well wishes, and above all your genuine kindness and willingness to help out a random 2-legged and 3-legged stranger. You’re all wonderful humans. Now we’ve got a whole heap of places to check out 🙂

I’m just a girl that got really, really, really lucky in this life and made an incredible friend. She’s done so much for me, I just want to do what I can 🙂
My update is that r/Vancouver is full of incredible people willing to go above and beyond for a complete stranger! So awe-struck.

h/t: Vancouver Reddit

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