57 dogs, puppies saved from dog meat farm in South Korea

Once again, Humane Society International has stepped in to save dozens of dogs living in squalor from a  future on the supper table.

The animal welfare group says it rescued 57 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea. And, convinced the farmer to start growing agricultural crops instead of raising puppies for slaughter.

“The dogs had spent their entire lives in small, filthy, crowded cages exposed to harsh weather–just waiting to die,” the organization announced.

The dogs have now arrived in San Francisco and being cared for by the local SPCA until they can be adopted.

The before and after images are staggering.


In January, the group rescued almost two dozen puppies from another dog meat farm in South Korea. It is continuing its mission to end the trade in that country.

Photo Humane Society International/Facebook

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