Advocates demand answers after 28 native horses put down over severe starvation

An emergency mustang roundup of wild horses in southern Nevada has led to 28 horses being put down because they were too emaciated.

Wild horse advocates are calling for a federal investigation into the round-up. U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials gathered 201 horses 30 miles west of Las Vegas because of extreme drought condition and a lack of forage. wants an investigation into the roundup and the veterinary care and killing of the wild horses who had become too skinny to be saved.

The organization wants to know why the BLM help the federally protected wild horses get the forage they needed earlier and why the bureau didn’t move the native wild horses up to areas with more forage.

The group is also demanding answers into what happened to the forage areas and livestock grazing permits for the area. want answers as to whether the wild horses are getting pushed out and killed as part of the New Energy Frontier–to put massive solar farms on fragile desert land and impacting wildlife. mustangs1

Anne Novak with the organization raised concerns about why the bureau is limiting access to the public to bare witness to the roundup which she called cruel.

“Was euthanasia chosen for convenience and the bottom line, pure and simple? Did they look at the feed and labor involved vs adoptability and take the cheap and easy way out?

Rescues and members of the public would have helped bring the Cold Creek wild horses back to health if manpower was an issue, Novak said.

Adoption, she said, would have been simple once they healed because people know about and cherish the wild horses of the American West.

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