Air Bud? College basketball game interrupted as dog runs onto the court

College basketball is known for its thrilling plays on the court — it’s just not usually by the four-legged kind.

But Saturday’s matchup between the George Washington Colonials and the American Eagles saw a dog — yes, a dog — take in some of the action.

Just two minutes into the first half, a border collie in booties ran onto the court.

Border collie take to the hardwood. Photo: Twitter/PSC Highlights

“There’s a dog on the floor,” one announcer says.

“Omigod. I love it,” replies the other during the broadcast.

“A border collie is running around the Smith Center. How many timed do you see that? It’s part of the defence,” the announcer adds, laughing.

Perhaps the funniest part of the unexpected player on the court was the reaction of Ricky Lindo Jr.

As the forward went to retrieve the ball, he turned, spotted the black-and-white pooch and then jumped with fright.

Lindo Jr. is 6-foot-8 and weighs 220 pounds.

Pup knows a thing or two about entertaining crowds. Photo: PSC Highlights/Twitter

Oh, and why exactly was a pup in the Charles E. Smith Center at gametime?

The frisky pup was part of the halftime entertainment — and clearly a little too anxious to get going.

Air Bud, indeed.

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