“Airplane Repo” star Mike Kennedy loses King Cobra snake, made to feel like Cecil the Lion hunter

When a tree fell on Discovery Channel’s “Airplane Repo” star Mike Kennedy’s home, his snake habitat broke apart and his King Cobra went loose.

Local schools were forced to shut down, even though Kennedy said the snake wouldn’t head that way, and a massive search was underway after the snake went missing Wednesday.

Of course, the search spawned a hashtag on social media: #Cobrawatch

Kennedy told Fox411 that he felt vilified by the reaction:

“For someone who has adamantly protected wildlife for over 20 years I feel crucified by this,” Kennedy told FOX411. “It makes you feel like Cecil the Lion’s hunter. I’m the guy the county goes to fix problems, and now to be the problem is devastating. I’m a wildlife conservationist.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation helped with the search using biologists trained in snake handling and going door-to-door to alert people about the missing snake.

Kennedy, who is taking part in the search, said the community’s fears are misplaced.

“The community is being over-the-top in their reaction. He (the snake) would not crawl onto the school grounds,” Kennedy said. “There are big rattlesnakes in Florida. He would never do that. I would hate to see anything happen to him. “

That led some on social media to criticize Kennedy for having a snake in a residential area.

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