Alaska man wakes up to lynx family “frolicking” on his deck

Tim Newton recently awoke to a boatload of lynx on doorstep. Yes, a boatload.

Seven kittens and their mother plodded up to his Anchorage home and basically made themselves at home.

In the most adorable way.

“Here is a shot of all eight, yes EIGHT, lynx that visited my deck in Alaska, early one autumn morning 2017,” Newton wrote about the encounter. “I think such a large litter is pretty rare! They woke me up frolicking on the deck, and I got to photograph them for the following 40 minutes or so. I’ve encounter lynx only a handful of times all the years I’ve hiked through Alaska. They are extremely furtive, and usually slink silently but quickly away about as soon as you see them. Interestingly, I found a rabbit carcass in our yard a couple days prior, and another one the day after; Now I know where those came from! We’ve seen LOTS of rabbits this year!”

Anchorage photographer Tim Newton couldn’t believe his eyes. Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

It’s an amazing family portrait.

“For this shot, I had opened a door that has a wire-mesh screen on it, leaving only the screen between me and the lynx. I was motionless with my camera on silent mode, as they filed onto the deck. I think they couldn’t see me very well through the screen, and they seemed to find the silent mode clicks more curious than alarming. Mama was intensely scanning everywhere for danger it seemed, but the kittens gazed a bit at the noise, then turned my deck into a romping room. It was SO FUN to watch and photograph them!”

The avid outdoors photographer kept on snapping.

The images are just incredible.

“These seven kits were such a joy to watch playing on our deck!” Newton wrote on Facebook. “Mama was very watchful over them – taking a good long look at that nearby photographer and his clicking camera!”

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

Consider this a collective thank you for clicking and sharing.

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

My what big paws you have.

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

Climbing on the furniture.

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

Playing on the lawn.

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

Showing some affection.

Tim Newton Photography/Facebook

For a good 40 minutes, it was all kinds of awesome.

Best uninvited house guests ever.

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