Alberta boaters rescue baby moose buried completely in mud

Bleeping and muddied, this baby moose was as doomed as a drowned rat.

That was until some good Samaritans from Grande Prairie, Alberta, out for a day at the beach Saturday, came along and rescued the poor dear.

Kane Savidan was pulling the boat to shore when his cousin, Ryan Savidan, heard something odd.

“We had just got to our beach spot on the Wapiti River where we were going to have a fire,” Kane recalled in a Facebook post that has gone viral. “Ryan Savidan heard this little guy mewing from where he was stuck in the mud up to his head.”

The group jump into action.

“We pulled him out and he couldn’t even stand,” Kane said. “Eventually he seemed to gain some energy after we cleaned all the mud off his head, because he had it caked all over his eyes and nose.”

Looking more wet dog than wild animal, the little calf even touched noses with the group’s golden retriever.

Incredible reaction to baby moose rescue in northern Alberta. Kane Savidan/Facebook

The videos, taken by Mark Kluyt, after they cleaned up the wayward animal.

While the calf was still bleeping and shaky, the men called wildlife officials.

And followed their advice.

“Alberta wildlife officers advised us to leave it there and exit the area, so that’s what we did,” Kane said in an update. “When we checked in 4 hours later he was gone.”

The videos have now been shared thousands of times and the kudos keep rolling in.

“I like to think he found his mom,” Kane added.

So do we all.

Baby moose was stuck in a muddy river bank in northern Alberta until some heroes came along. Kane Savidan/Facebook

Photos Kane Savidan/Facebook

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