Puppy Love: Andy Richter’s parrot falls for his pooch in epic romance

Love really is love at Andy Richter’s house.

That’s where the comedian’s pet parrot, named Nacho, has decided the object of his affection is the family’s dog, Kiwi. Who are we to deny the blossoming interspecies romance?

Certainly not Richter, perhaps best known as Conan O’Brien’s chief sidekick, and currently tweeting madly about critter dating scene in Burbank, California.

“We’ve had our parrot, Nacho, for about 10 yrs now, and every Spring he has about a 2 wk mating urge,” Richter posted on Twitter. “It’s super annoying. In previous yrs, I have been the object of his procreation obsession, but this yr he has decided our dog Kiwi is his new mate.”

And so it begins.

Nacho, right, is smitten with Kiwi, left. Andy Richter/Twitter

Nacho is always close by Kiwi’s side.

It’s not clear if Kiwi is not really that into Nacho. Andy Richter/Twitter

Maybe a little too close.

A face only a mother could love.

Are you looking at me? Andy Richter/Twitter

But it may well have worked.

You know. To wear Kiwi down.

The chase, after all, is half the fun.

Kiwi has, as Richter put it, “the patience of Job.”

Because. This.

A kiss.

Nacho’s may have woven a spell on Kiwi. Andy Richter/Twitter

But what a minute.

Who is this? A second — and overlooked — dog?

The plot thickens.

But Richter had an explanation: “Always need a third wheel.”

Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride. Andy Richter/Twitter

But let’s savour this tale of feather meets fur. Only in Hollywood.

Never change. Never change. Well, until somebody better comes along. Andy Richter/Twitter

Photos Andy Richter/Twitter

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