Animal activists disrupt live broadcast of Cruft’s Best in Show final

Animal activists crashed a live broadcast of the famous Crufts Best In Show event to protest what it calls a beauty pageant for canines that are bred to win.

Collooney Tartan Tease, a whippet, was just crowned Best in Show at the 2018 final. But just seconds later, protesters rushed on to the ring in the main arena at Crufts.

The Best in Show winner’s owner Yvette Short of Edinburgh quickly grabbed her whippet as the three activists descended. Security guards and other officials blocked the activists but not before they were able to show signs protesting the event.

Officials of the event said the protesters scared the dogs and put canines and people at risk.

In a tweet, PETA said Crufts promoted “canine eugenics” and the activists were protesting “extreme breeding.”

The group also released a statement saying Crufts is a cruel beauty pageant that rewards breeders for producing dogs with ‘ideal’ physical traits but no regard for the animal’s welfare/.


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