Another animal rescue! This time, it’s a deer stuck in snow in New Brunswick

There are probably many animal rescues we never hear about and sadly, animals in distress that we never learn about at all.

But when a community gets together and band their brains collaboratively to figure out how to get an animal out of its distress, it’s really heartwarming to be able to witness and share those stories.

We heard recently about the community in Nelson getting that deer with a bag stuck on its head freed and now we have a report from New Brunswick about how the villagers in Pointe-Verte (population 971) figured out what to do when they found a deer stuck in the snow.

About a dozen deer had been forced out of the forest and on to the beach in search of food because of this season’s heavy snowfall.

With traffic, the deer are fearful of using the road to go back into the forest after eating and travel along the dangerous coastline instead. That’s when one doe got stuck in the snow.

Villager Jacques Roy said in an interview with the CBC that he feared the worst when the deer disappeared.

I kept watching since the morning and all of a sudden, I didn’t see the animal anymore,” he said.

“I thought it drowned and my heart was broken. But it’s there.

​Roy and others began using their hands to dig away the snow and got a rope and sled to pull the deer out. She wasn’t impressed. The doe the rescuers named Francoise growled at her rescuers.

But after being comforted with a blanket and hay, she calmed down.

Watch the video on the CBC site.


h/t: CBC News Brunswick 

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