Another victim at the world’s worst zoo

Michael, the lion, at the Surabaya Zoo, was found dead in his enclosure, his head caught in the metal gates.

The pictures of his death are truly gruesome. You won’t find them here. Just seeing them was stomach-churning.

Now the mayor of Surabaya, in Indonesia, is demanding action. Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Risma)  said she suspects the most recent death of Michael the lion was because of negligence.

“I agree that the death of the lion was not an accident. It’s impossible for animal lover, like me, to kill the lion. I can’t even kill ants. That’s why I want the police to investigate this.”

At least 50 animals have died in the past year, leading animal welfare groups to call for the zoo’s closure.

Critter Files wrote about the designation of the zoo when it was named the world’s worst.

h/t: Voice of America



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