Arctic fox hopelessly trapped on sea ice saved by fishermen

Alan Russell usually fishes for crab, but one recent trip ended with a most unusual catch.

Fittingly, the fisherman from Fox Harbour Newfoundland and Labrador, helped save the life of one very wayward and weak Arctic fox perched on some ice far offshore.

“Was on the way in for bait and ice and seen this arctic fox stranded about 4 miles off land.. hopefully we can gain his health back and save the little feller!” Russell posted on Facebook of the animal’s misadventure.

And, his photos of the incident from late June are just stunning.

The Arctic fox was lodged on an iceberg out at sea. Alan Russell/Facebook

At first, the fishermen couldn’t get close to him on the iceberg.

What a sight. Alan Russell/Facebook

So they nudged him into the water.

Then, Russell said they used a dip net to pluck him to safety.

The frightened animal wouldn’t eat, but eventually it tucked in to some Vienna sausages.

“He’s doing good now eating and drinking!,” Russell offered by way of update.

The wayward fox was soaked and weak. Alan Russell/Facebook

The fox soon dried off an perked up.

One lucky fox. Alan Russell/Facebook

The fisherman let the animal go on dry land.

And the fox seems to be adapting well.

“Perfect now we let him go in Williams Harbour and still feeding him!” Russell explained later.

Photos Alan Russell/Facebook

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